Who doesn’t love surprises out of nowhere... a tiny gift or some unexpected kindness? KENS 5 and our sponsor, Champion AC, are spreading joy and smiles all over town with KENS 5 Good Things Happen. Every month, our Kindness Crew is performing random acts of kindness to surprise and delight people in our community. We’re also sparking ideas to promote kindness and pay it forward. Did you know there are scientifically-proven benefits of being kind? Kindness actually stimulates serotonin in your brain, which improves moods, reduces stress and simply makes people happy. It feels good to do good! Be the good, San Antonio, and make good things happen! If you’re ready to have Good Things Happen near you, submit your idea to the Kindness Crew at goodthingshappen@kens5.com. The next Good Thing could happen to you!