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Local students turning flips over free back-to-school makeovers | Good Things Happen

The surprise gift overwhelmed young west side performers

SAN ANTONIO — An inspiring crew of student dancers is on a mission to bring hope to the streets of San Antonio. They were blind-sided in August by a random act of kindness that many of them called a back-to-school miracle.

"I was really surprised because we do this for people, but no one has ever done it for me," said Theresa, a student dancer from Cypher Movement.

Agora Ministries and Cypher Movement have collaborated in one of the most challenged local communities to empower at-risk youth through faith-based creative arts programs. Many of these teenage students have suffered great challenges including two who lost their mother last year and another who has been homeless multiple times. They are known for putting their personal issues to the side to focus on the needs of others. KENS 5 partnered with San Antonio Threads in August to surprise each student with a free back-to-school shopping spree. An emotional stampede of students tore through racks of brand-new clothes provided by San Antonio Threads.

"This is all a blessing," said Lastadt Valdez, dancer for Cypher Movement. "It's something I need right now."

San Antonio Threads agreed to continue supplying new clothes to young people through Agora Ministries and Cypher Movement any time there is a need.

"I'm hoping they know that our community cares about them," said Cathy Hamilton, CEO and founder of SA Threads. "When you look good you do good, and you just do everything better...Good things are happening!"

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