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Celebrating 2/10 with some of the best San Antonio has to offer | Everything 210

What better way to celebrate San Antonio than with KENS 5's "Everything 210" series, in which Lexi Hazlett explores the best the Alamo City has to offer.

SAN ANTONIO — Today is February 10, or 2-10, which means it is San Antonio's own official day! And what better way to celebrate than with KENS 5's Everything 210 series in which Lexi Hazlett explores the latest and greatest the Alamo City has to offer..from barbecue to cowboy hats and lots in between!

Take a look at some of the best of our Everything 210 series:

One Punch Dough

One bread business has gained several loyal customers. And the owner "yeast" expected it.

Jeanine Hodge operates One Punch Dough from her far west-side home. It began when the pandemic first hit and the grocery shelves were being cleaned out.

"It wasn't even a thought. It was just like, this needs to happen because people need bread and they need to feed their families. And it was just about doing the right thing," said Hodge.

See her full story below:

225 Urban Smoke

It wouldn't be Texas without...Barbecue! Brisket is smoked for up to nine hours at 225 degrees at one restaurant in the 210. Hence their name, 225 Urban Smoke.

We know there’s a lot of BBQ restaurants in the Lone Star State. But co-owner and chef Samuel Ransom Jr. wants to give his BBQ a Mississippi twist.

"Where I'm from, when you think about barbecue, you think about family, friends, getting together. The Blues playing and everyone's having a great time. So, we kind of wanted to recreate that feel here in San Antonio," said Ransom.

See the full story below:

Herb's Hat Shop

Celebrating San Antonio with a Texas staple...cowboy hats!

One San Antonio business on 4922 Rigsby Avenue has been selling authentic hats to the community for decades.

"When we get someone in the perfect hat, sometimes they don’t even expect how much they’re going to love it. But it changes your personality instantly," said owner of Herb's Hat Shop Kay Maynard.

See the full story below:

Ice Ice Baby

If you're looking for some Italian ice loaded with chamoy, fruit and candies, there's a local, female-owned business that has you covered.

"I grew up going to snack shops, of course, San Antonio – that's what we're known for – chamoy. And my parents were like, 'Why don't we make one for you?' Because my mom growing up worked at her dad's. So, we decided to open one up as a family and it went really well," said Owner of Ice Ice Baby Loren Cuevas.

See the full story below:

Chunky's Burgers

Are you brave enough to take on the hottest burger on the planet? Well, "hottest" according to Man vs. Food. 

It's the 4 Horsemen Challenge at Chunky's Burgers located on 4602 Callaghan Road. But, before we touch on that, let's talk about how unique of a local business this burger joint really is in the 210.

"Our business is definitely unique as it is. Everything is top quality. If it's on the menu, it's going to be an amazing product," said Chunky's Burgers' Connie Martinez. "There's a reason they call us Chunky's Burgers -- you're not going to go away hungry."

Watch their story and Lexi Hazlett eat the hottest burger in the world!

Historic Market Square

Many San Antonians say coming to Historic Market Square is like stepping into another world.

It started out as a place where vendors sold fresh produce, beef, wild turkeys, honey and of course, Texas pecans. At night, the famous "Chili Queens" would take over for the vendors and sell their steaming bowls of spicy chili.

Now, it’s basically a party every weekend at Market Square. But, it’s actually host to one of the biggest parties in San Antonio -- Fiesta. And that event is Fiesta de Los Reyes.

See the full tour of Historic Market Square

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