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Famous Texas cowboy hat business serving San Antonio area for decades | Everything 210

Need a hat for the Rodeo? Or your ol' hat shaped? Herb's Hat Shop has you covered.

SAN ANTONIO — Texans are known for Whataburger, BBQ, country music and of course, cowboy hats. And one San Antonio business on 4922 Rigsby Avenue has been selling authentic hats to the community for decades.

"When we get someone in the perfect hat, sometimes they don’t even expect how much they’re going to love it. But it changes your personality instantly," said owner of Herb's Hat Shop Kay Maynard.

She told us how they serve several people that have been coming to the store for three generations. "But, I'm also loving the fact that we have really seen people from all over the country, all over the world in the past few years," said Maynard.

And it's not just the legacy and hats that bring them in -- it's the people who they hire.

"We have been highly trained. We have visited all of these vendors. We know exactly what goes into making all these hats and have expert knowledge in how to fit shape and size your hat," said Maynard.

We caught up with Herb's Expert Hatter Cheyanne Hatley, whose name couldn't be more perfect for the job, to tell us about a local favorite cowboy hat.

The Greeley Hat Works Competitor

Credit: KENS 5

"It's handmade by Trent Johnson in Greeley, Colorado. Here, we can change out the ribbon and do custom ribbon work so you could put a blue ribbon on there and really kind of bring out that color," said Hatley.

"Fit is by far the number one thing you need looking for a hat and then you can choose color and quality," said Maynard.

And the tools they have been using to shape the hats have been in the store since it first opened.

"We have all the tools that are very, very hard to find. Like this hat block is probably over 100 years old. So they come in sizes – this is a seven and three eights – based on the size of the hat," said Maynard.

Credit: KENS 5

So, if you're looking for a place full of history and people who take the time to perfect their craft, check out Herb's Hat shop's website here. They'll have you "brimming" with excitement.

And if you want your hat shaped while at the San Antonio Rodeo, they'll be shaping hats in the terrace suites.

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