SAN ANTONIO — Evan: All right, we're joined right now with the world (champion) Mario Barrios and first and foremost, can you take a look at your face after the fight?

Mario Barrios
Mario Barrios celebrates after defeating Batyr Akhmedov during the WBA World Super Lightweight Championship boxing match Saturday, Sept. 28, 2019, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu)
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Mario: That's hard to look at (laughing).

Evan: Got beat up pretty bad. For those who don't know, Mario is the first San Antonio world champion fighter in 20+ years and fourth ever from the Alamo City. What does that mean to you?

Mario: That means everything. I've said it from the beginning when I first turned (professional). That was mine and my sister's goal to bring as many world titles back as possible. This is just the start. I'm doing this not only for me, but my city. It's an honor to represent San Antonio every time I step in the ring.

Evan: When it comes down to that fight (with Batyr Akhmedov), the two knockdowns really separated you in this match. I think some cards, from the public at least, had it going (another) way. How important were those two knockdowns in this match?

Mario: If it weren't for those two knockdowns, I don't think I would have been able to bring this (belt) back home. Especially that last one in the 12th round, I knew that was something I needed. That was something my corner knew we needed.

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Evan: The last time I saw you we were in your gym (in southside San Antonio), which, by the way, is 130 degrees. How much did that help you when coming into this fight -- getting that 12th round takedown to really solidify this thing?

Mario: You know, personally, it is hot in there. It's like an oven. It pushes you...mentality to get a full workout in. That's how I'm able to make it through fights like I did.

Evan: 25 bouts. 25 wins. What's next for you?

Mario: I want one of the champions. This is only one of four major belts. We're going to continue working. After a little bit of rest, I think I deserve it for this fight, but you know come early next year I plan on being very active again. 

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