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'It's a mess': TxDOT is acting to make a dangerous San Antonio intersection safer, some residents say not enough has been done

There have been several recent crashes at the Wurzbach and Military intersection, prompting action by the community leaders.

SAN ANTONIO — A dangerous intersection on the northwest side is causing concern. 

Wurzbach Parkway and Military Highway has been a problematic area for a while. In 2020, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) began construction on an expansion and improvement project to address the growing traffic congestion.

As completion of the project nears, some residents don’t feel they are being steered to safety yet.

You’ll find hundreds of comments about the intersection on the Nextdoor app, where residents have also shared photos of recent crashes.

The San Antonio Police Department tracks those calls for service. According to the department's online dashboard, at least six collisions were reported at Wurzbach and Military in the past 12 days, most of them listed as "major accidents." One wrong-way driver was also reported. 

“There’s always honking,” said Yvette Harm. “Everybody is just kind of trying to figure out what someone else is doing.”

Bits of bumpers and car parts litter the Wurzbach median.

Harm has lived near the intersection for decades. With the city’s ongoing rapid growth, she was initially thrilled by the expansion project.

“They got the turn lane,” she said. “We were like, ‘This is going to be great,’ right? And when they opened it up and we actually used it … it was a mess!”

Harm says the turns are too sharp and narrow, and the lights change too quickly.

Ellen Evans, another San Antonian, says the right-hand signal lights are too high and close to see clearly, especially when the sun is setting.

During rush hour, Evans says she's often blocked into her neighborhood.

“It’s kind of like Hotel California,” said Evans. “It’s a lovely place, but you will never escape.”

Harm believes there has been some positive change this month.

“Removing the island has helped,” she said. “But I think there needs to arrows or something on the road. Something that helps people focus on where they are going.”

KENS 5 reached out to TxDOT officials for comment. While no one was available for an on-camera interview, a spokesperson released the following statement.

“The concern which were the medians for those turning left to Wurzbach Parkway have been removed. The project is wrapping up in the next few weeks.”

Meanwhile, District 8 City Councilmember Manny Pelaez addressed anxious residents on Nextdoor, posting the following message:

“Dear Neighbors, 

"My office has received several concerns regarding the numerous accidents that have occurred at the intersection of NW Military Hwy and Wurzbach Pkwy. After several attempts to obtain information from TxDOT, the City of San Antonio Public Works Department received the following update:

'The TxDOT road work at the intersection of NW Military Hwy and Wurzbach Pkwy is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2022. The remaining items that TxDOT continues to work on include the removal of concrete islands, modification to the road striping (to help with the traffic flow and turning movements), signage, and signals. Completion of these items should address the confusion currently occurring.’ 

"Our office will continue to monitor the situation.”

Credit: Nextdoor

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