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Business is 'blooming' at the Arnosky Flower Farm, just in time for Mother's Day

You can pick exactly what you want at one of the largest flower farms in Texas.

BLANCO, Texas — "Who doesn't love flowers?" Pamela Arnosky asks as she hurriedly bundles 620 Texas Garden Bouquets, headed for various H-E-B stores. These particular bouquets are the Aronsky's best sellers, at least this time of year.

Frank and Pamela Aronsky started their flower farm about 35 years ago on a small piece of property in Blanco county. They now own more than 60 acres, 20 of which are planted in 75 different varieties of flowers throughout the year.

Perhaps the best part about the farm is, you can literally go there, walk through row after row of flowers and choose exactly what you want. 

Then, you simply write down what you chose on a sticky note, attach it to your payment and drop it in the money box.

"We decided during the pandemic that we didn't need to be here, mingling with customers and they didn't want us here either," says Frank Aronsky. They say it's very rare someone doesn't pay.

The Aronskys say while the pandemic has caused problems for most businesses, it has caused their business to quadruple. Frank says, "Everyone is locked in their house. They're trying to make their home prettier so their buying flowers and plants for their patios."

All the business and the partnership with H-E-B has helped the Aronsky Family farm become one of the largest flower farms in Texas. If you would like to check it out for yourself, you can find their website and directions to the farm here. 

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