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Possibly 'cursed' clock stolen from SA historic site

Doors kicked in, dolls heads ripped off, beloved artifacts nowhere to be found. That's what was discovered at a south side historic site over the weekend.

SAN ANTONIO — Doors kicked in, dolls heads ripped off, beloved artifacts nowhere to be found. That's what was discovered at a designated historic site over the weekend.

One item that disappeared is said to carry a curse.

The Yturri-Edmunds house was built in the 1850's. The south side landmark is just steps away from the San Antonio River on the corner of Mission Road and Yellowstone Street.

"The land was purchased by Manuel Yturri-Castillo in 1824. It was Mission Concepción land," said Dr. Vince Michael, Executive Director of The Conservation Society of San Antonio.

It's one of the few adobe brick houses left in San Antonio that gives visitors a glimpse of what life was like in the 19th century.

60 years ago, the property was given to The Conservation Society of San Antonio and now serves as a museum.

Credit: KENS

"It was in one family up until 1961 when it was given to us by the last descendant, Ernestine Edmunds."

Sunday morning, a tenant who lives on-site found two doors kicked in. They walked inside and made a shocking discovery.

"[The intruders] sort of ransacked, pulled out a lot of drawers, cleared things off of shelves, broke artifacts, tore heads off dolls," said Michael.

The most heartbreaking discovery, so far, was the disappearance of a mantle clock. Board members of The Conservation Society of San Antonio say the clock may not be worth millions, but it held historic significance -- perhaps even a curse.

"Ernestine Edmunds and her sister both stated the clock stopped the moment their mother died," Michael explained. "Their handwritten notes were inside the clock and now the clock is gone."

Credit: KENS
Vintage mantle clock stolen from the Yturri-Edmunds Historic Site.

The Conservation Society of San Antonio is doing inventory this week to figure out what was taken.

"Do you think a ghost is following the people who stole this?" We asked Michael.

"There are all sorts of stories here. There is a grotto out back that Ernestine Edmunds built because her mother saw a vision of a woman in white on that site several times during her life. So the owners of this house were very religious, very spiritual," he replied.

Michael says they are fortunate, as this incident could have been worse. He said the intruders tried to light old kerosene lamps inside the house.

"Fortunately they had no kerosene in them. If we had a fire we would have lost everything," said Michael.

The doors to the home will get repaired and more lights will be installed. There's also a discussion underway about cameras being placed on the property.

If you have any information on this case, call police.

Oddly, the criminal left behind a black Nike t-shirt.

Credit: KENS
A black Nike basketball t-shirt was found inside the Yturri-Edmunds Historic Site after a tenant discovered the break-in.

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