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Spurs fans roast Hawks' Trae Young for tweet laughing at Zach Collins' reaction to getting dunked on

Collins and Porter Jr. got in a dust-up and the Hawks guard chimed in.

SAN ANTONIO β€” During the San Antonio Spurs' recent home game versus the Denver Nuggets, tempers flared when Spurs' Zach Collins did not take too kindly to Nuggets' Michael Porter Jr.'s dunk on him, and subsequent taunting at him.

Immediately after the dunk, Collins charged at Porter and the pair had to be separated as the two got into a dust-up which ultimately led to Collins and Porter Jr. being ejected from the game.

Enter Hawks guard Trae Young.

Young saw the scuffle and proceeded to laugh at Collins for his reaction tweeting how getting dunked on just happens in the league.

"Dude got mad he got dunked on," tweeted Young. "It happens bruh!"

Getting dunked on is very common in the NBA, but Young apparently fails to see that Collins was not upset Porter put him on a poster; he was upset over the trash talk that followed it.

This led Spurs fans to quickly come to the defense of Collins and roasted Young for the tweet.

Collins wasn't the only NBA player to get into a recent scuffle.

Young got tangled up with Boston's Marcus Smart who flipped him on the court.

And unlike Young, Collins did not poke fun at him on social media.

Young's tweet surely helps add some excitement for fans for the upcoming March 18 Hawks-Spurs match-up when both Young and Dejounte Murray make their lone visit to San Antonio.

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