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2015 Tim Duncan basketball card sells at auction for an astronomical price

How much would you pay for a rare Duncan basketball card?

SAN ANTONIO — The trading card world is taking off as collectors are scooping up any and all cards to secure their next big find.

Whether it is a rare Michael Jordan rookie card or a potential NBA star in the 2022 NBA Draft, collecting cards and selling them is big business as we see in a recent eBay auction featuring a San Antonio Spurs legend: Tim Duncan.

A 2015-16 Duncan card recently was sold at an eBay auction for a whopping $42,100.00 in April 2022.

So you may be wondering, "Why did it sell for so much?"

It came down to grading and its number. The grading was "flawless," it came from the Logoman line, and the card is just one-of-one. 

Credit: eBay

That's right, this is the only Duncan card in this style.

This was not the first time a Duncan card sold for big bucks.

A rare, metallic Duncan rookie card broke all records for any Duncan card sold all-time.

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Even a rare Manu Ginobili card sold for big bucks.

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Investing in basketball cards is tricky as so much goes into it. 

There's grading, the photo of the player and so much more. You can get more information on Spurs basketball cards by listening to the latest episode of Locked On Spurs.

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So check your closet, your dresser, a forgotten shoe box and dig deep to see if you may have a rare Spurs basketball card that could be worth thousands or more.

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