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'It’s survival to me': Soldiers' Angels distributes record-breaking amount of food to veterans with help of Boeing

U.S. Navy veteran Lisa McLeish is forever grateful for organizations such as Soldiers' Angels, since affording food on a fixed income is a struggle.

SAN ANTONIO — An army of volunteers with Soldiers’ Angels and other organizations helped distribute food to hundreds of veterans in the parking lot of Cowboys Dancehall Thursday afternoon. 

Boeing awarded Soldiers’ Angels a $50,000 grant, which made the record-breaking distribution possible during a time when food security is prominent among low-income veterans and even active-duty families. 

“Normally we serve 200 people a month," said Amy Palmer, president and CEO of Soldiers' Angels, which provides resources to military families around the world. "This is the first time we’ve served 500, so this is definitely a monumental day."

Boeing’s Richard Delgado Jr. noted veterans make up more than 40% of the aviation company’s workforce in San Antonio. Delgado said Boeing in Texas allocates more than $1 million in funds for organizations that help veterans.  

“This makes sense for the Boeing Company to be involved, because it impacts our employees," he said. "So we want to make sure that what we do in the community ties in with our workforce."

Lisa McLeish always looks forward to the food drives organized by Soldiers’ Angels. Since she lives on a fixed income, buying enough food isn’t always possible. 

McLeish joined the U.S. Navy after the Vietnam War ended in 1975. 

“I’m a veteran. Everybody in the line, thank you for your service,” McLeish said.  

Soldiers’ Angels has served as a lifeline and thousands of other veterans for years. Collecting food just in time for the holidays is something she’s forever grateful for. 

“It’s survival to me," McLeish said. "I got nuts today. I cry when I see a watermelon because that’s my favorite fruit. I still have the life in me to cook wonderful meals and I’m happy, it makes me happy.”

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