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TROPICAL UPDATE: Activity in the Atlantic; Gulf quiet

The Atlantic remains active with tropical activity while the gulf stays quiet.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The Atlantic remains active with Tropical Storm Philippe moving west/northwest and a trailing tropical wave (likely Rina) following in Philippe's footsteps. Neither of these features will be a problem for the Gulf of Mexico or Texas.

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Tropical Overview

Yesterday, the National Hurricane Center was indicating a small chance for possible development in the Gulf of Mexico, but they have since pulled the reigns back on that possibility. Too much shear in the gulf; a symptom of the ongoing el Nino.

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Remember to not "anchor" to the first forecast you see - forecasts change. Also, rely on a credible source for your tropical information and forecasts. We talk about that and more in our 2023 KIII Hurricane Special. You can watch it on your 3NEWS+ smart TV app or on YouTube.

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Model Accuracy Over Time


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October is one of the later months of hurricane season, but we can still see activity in the gulf and Caribbean. We will often observe a secondary maximum in hurricane season in October because of Caribbean development. It is not uncommon to see systems develop in the Western Caribbean and move north/northeast. This year, with an ongoing el nino, activity may be suppressed, despite the very warm waters in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico.

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October Tropical Development Zones

The updated 2023 NOAA Hurricane Forecast calls for a slightly above-average season.

The previous forecast called for 12-17 named storms, 5-9 hurricanes, and 1-4 major hurricanes.

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NOAA Updated 2023 Hurricane Season Forecast

2023 Tropical Cyclone Names

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2023 Atlantic Hurricane Names

2023 Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Map

Credit: Kristin Walla
2023 Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Map

The Atlantic Hurricane Season runs from June 1 to November 30, with the peak of the climatological peak of the season happening on September 10.

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Tropical Climatology

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