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WATCH: SAPD bodycam video shows officer responding to city councilman's home after alleged hit-and-run

Clayton Perry has been charged in connection with the Sunday night accident.

SAN ANTONIO — A nearly 14-minute-long video released by the San Antonio Police Department shows City Councilman Clayton Perry slurring his speech, refusing to answer a police officers questions about Perry's alleged involvement in a hit-and-run crash.

No one was injured in that wreck, but police charged Perry with misdemeanor failure to stop and give information. 

Perry posted a $2,000 bond Thursday afternoon when he appeared before a judge for a formal reading of the charge against him. He claims he does not remember Sunday night's events, though he would not speculate why he cannot recall. 

"There's a process that needs to be gone through," he told reporters. "I trust that process."

According to an arrest warrant, several witnesses – including the cashier at a Bill Miller restaurant near Perry's home – told authorities he appeared drunk. He allegedly drove through the drive-thru without ordering food and tried to give the restaurant manager his wallet and keys without reason. 

Four minutes later, a police report says the driver of a Jeep Wrangler turned too wide into oncoming traffic lanes. A vehicle that was waiting at the red light was hit, "causing major damage," the report stated. 

It all unfolded about a half-mile from Perry's house. Witnesses to the crash followed the Jeep to Perry's driveway and called police. 

A visit from police

The video, which runs 13 minutes and 37 seconds, was shared by SAPD on YouTube. It shows bodycam video footage from the officer who responded to Perry's home.

It starts with the officer walking toward the councilman’s backyard, Perry's Jeep visibly on and running nearby.

Perry can be seen lying in the backyard outside his home, and he identifies himself when asked by officers.

Perry communicates largely through broken speech, not realizing his car is still running when asked by the officer. When that officer asks if Perry realizes he was potentially involved in a car accident earlier, he replies, "No."

He eventually sits up as the officer continues asking questions. Perry replies "No" to most of them, including whether he can stand up, whether he had been driving earlier, or whether he has a driver's license.

"If you don't have a driver's license, why are you out driving?" the officer asks, to which Perry replies: "Oh shoot."

Perry remains sitting on the ground for about four minutes as the officer returns to the Jeep and turns it off.

"I ask a lot of questions I already know the answer to," the officer also says at one point. "So the more you lie to me, the harder this is for you."

Perry navigated around the officer's pointed questions, repeatedly denying that he'd driven anywhere. He suggested someone else had been operating his Jeep. 

Perry did not admit to drinking alcohol, either. He told an officer he'd "had a good time" somewhere "down the road."

"What does that mean?" the officer asked. 

"Well, I had a good time," Perry responded. 

"What does that mean?" the officer repeated.

"Just had a good time," Perry said. 

Perry refused help from a medic. The officer left without administering a sobriety test. 

It's not clear whether Perry made it inside his home that evening. Body camera footage caught the councilman attempting to unlock a sliding door with a credit card. 

'Not planning on resigning'

After posting bond Thursday when he turned himself in to authorities, Perry briefly spoke to news media and said he had no plans to resign from the City Council seat he has held since 2017.

He also said he didn't remember much of what happened Sunday night, echoing a statement he provided Wednesday amid multiple reports that he was being investigated for potential involvement in the crash.

When asked by a reporter whether he was drinking Sunday night, Perry said: "I'm gonna let the process determine that."

Earlier in the week, the office of Mayor Ron Nirenberg issued a brief statement, saying, "If the details in the police report regarding Sunday night are accurate, Councilman Perry should resign."

SAPD Chief William McManus told KENS 5 additional charges are possible as police continue to investigate what happened Sunday night.




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