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San Antonio business serves 26 flavors of tea; exclusive look at their secret menu | Everything 210

"Uniformed first responders always drink free. Any time police officers, EMT's, firefighters come in, they get a free cup of tea."

SAN ANTONIO — One business in the Alamo City is serving quali-tea, well, tea!

It's called HTeaO. It started in Amarillo and now stores are popping up all across the Lone Star State, with a new location on 8703 Huebner Road.

It's a business that serves 26 different flavors of teas. Unless of course you mix and match. Then, the options are endless.

"We moved here six years ago to San Antonio, and there was nothing like it. I was like, there's two million people here. There's got to be some fresh brewed iced tea, and there wasn’t. So, we're like, 'We got to do this,'" said HTeaO Franchisee Kayla Echols.

The business started in the 2009 recession. And now, it’s booming yet again at their two SA locations, even in a pandemic.

"Since we have a drive through, they're doing phenomenal still and people feel safe," said Echols. The other store is located on 22127 Bulverde Road.

Echols also said they want to give back to those who keep the community safe.

"Uniformed first responders always drink free. Any time police officers, EMT's, firefighters come in, they get a free cup of tea, every time," said Echols.

So, what exactly goes into that cup of tea? And why is it so popular, that the lines have backed up all the way to Babcock Road?

"It is all about the water. We have double reverse osmosis water in the ice. We have the nugget crushed ice that is so good, and it's from the water. That’s the secret," said Echols.

And their most popular flavor is Georgia Peach, which yes, you can sample in small cups placed throughout the building.

"It is a proprietary tea from HTeaO. And so we buy that, but we just straight brew it. It's broadleaf tea -- there's green tea, black tea and then the herbal tea infused with the fruit. But, it's just fresh brewed tea every hour," said Echols.

You can also put fresh fruit on top, from strawberries to mango slices.

And nearly 1,000 gallons of tea are brewed are each day at the store. It's something Echols said San Antonians have enjoyed.

"I've had so many people who say, 'I don't even like iced tea.' Then they come in, or even kids, and they're like, 'This is good. This is refreshing,'" said Echols.

She also told us about a secret menu they're soon to introduce. And we got an exclusive scoop. Here are a few you can try out:

Peach Cobbler

  • Mix Georgia Peach and Chai


  • Mix Watermelon and Mint

Pina Colada

  • Mix Coconut, Pink Lemonade and then add sliced pineapples

"You can try them all; you can mix some. It's an experience," said Echols.

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