SAN ANTONIO — You can send your kid back to school in style with Whataburger-themed essentials. Even though the fast-food chain has sold to Chicago, you can still rep' the merch in the Lone Star State. 

Orange and white earbuds? Check. French fry phone charger? Check. Insulated lunch box? You guessed it, check.

Whataburger is offering those items and much more in honor of the back to school season. The nine items are available for purchase on the Whataburger website.  

Just because your child can't leave school for a Patty Melt, doesn't mean they can't eat their PB&J from a Whataburger-themed bag.

That one kid who says, "Hey, I don't have a pen. Can I borrow one?" Yeah, that kid is in for a treat when they're handed some Whata-themed ink.

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