SAN ANTONIO — A Texas-sized deal is here to stay! 

Whataburger's 'Mushroom Swiss Burger' was supposed to be a limited-time offer, but the savory-style entrée just joined the 'All Time Favorites' menu!

If you're wondering what the 'All Time Favorites' means, Whataburger's website describes it as a list consisting of former-limited time offers that customers wanted to remain.

"We had to bring it back so fans could satisfy their cravings," said Kami Lee, of Whataburger Public Relations.

Joining the 'Mushroom Swiss' is the 'Patty Melt,' the 'Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich' and the fourth depends on your region. 

Towards the southeast, people tend to order the 'Sweet & Spicy Bacon Burger,' and on the southwest, the 'Green Chili Double' takes the fourth 'All Time Favorite' spot. 

Whata-burger and whata-menu!