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#TeachersCan: A Harlandale High School teacher whose teaching cap never comes off

“My purpose I feel in life is to help the youth of the Harlandale community."

SAN ANTONIO — In honor of World Teachers’ Day, KENS 5 wants to show local teachers that they are supported and appreciated now more than ever.

So, we're highlighting a few teachers in the San Antonio area who have shined during some of the pandemic's darkest moments.

Ms. Andrea Hernandez is a Harlandale High School 9th grade biology teacher who inspires her students both in and out of the classroom.

“Even though I’ve been teaching for 13 years, it does feel like I’m a first year again. Our biggest challenge has been to take that step back and look to see where we want to go, and then redesign and recreate,” Hernandez said.

She's managed to jump in headfirst, using music as a tool to keep her students engaged and learning.

“Because I do find inspiration through music when I do come to the classroom, I do find myself singing some of the content that we teach. Or I’ll try to say some word in a rhyme, so the kids understand it better,” Hernandez said. All while staying on top of her own son Caleb, who attends Harlandale Middle School, virtually.

“I try to make the learning experience fun for him. So, some of the things we do in the afternoon is...set aside reading time,” Hernandez said.

This single parent has single handedly put on a 24-hours teaching cap that she says won't be coming off anytime soon.

“My purpose I feel in life is to help the youth of the Harlandale community,” Hernandez said.

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