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Dads times two adopt sibling brothers | Forever Family

Sibling brothers find Hill Country forever home.

SAN ANTONIO — "Definitely I sleep good right now because I am busy from the moment I get home until it is bedtime", said adoptive dad Kyle Waggoner. "So I get lots of rest, but it has been wonderful."

Kyle Waggoner and his life partner Dale were first licensed as foster parents in 2017, but it wasn't until May of last year that their lives were forever changed, again. "On the 27th of May (2021), which was their last day of school, like at 9:30pm at night, a van pulled up outside with two tired boys, a bunch of boxes and some toys", Kyle said.

Kyle and Dale originally took in the sibling brothers for a four day stay, and knew after that left that they wanted them back. And they welcomed fifteen year old Eli and nine year Jordan back into their home as foster parents. Then roughly nine months later, completed the family adoption. 

"It was an easy decision", said Kyle. "You look around and see how we're up here in beautiful Texas Hill Country, and we've been very blessed, so it is important for us to give back, and to share."

Credit: Kyle Waggoner

The boys have blossomed with Kyle and Dale, and certainly understand that is absolutely their 'Forever Home'. 

"I absolutely love being here since the day I was adopted, or even before I was adopted", said Eli. "I just love being here." 

Jordan feels the exact same way. "Very fun. Very nice, and I like my two dads. They are wonderful." Eli added another thought since his adoption day. "It feels different because it feels like I belong in the home now. It feels like I like to be here. I love to be here."

Credit: Vinnie Vinzetta

Kyle says he's taught the young boys to always leave the house each day in a great mood remembering some young life rules along they way. "Be kind. Stay awake in class. I love you, and have a great day!"

We visited about this later life decision, and Kyle reinforced whatever is slowing others down from the making the same decision should not. 

"How much money you make or where you live, or any thing like that. It does not matter if you are single or if you are married. You can any kind of household. As long as you have love and desire the means are always there. Any environment that you can willing give them is better than what they came from."

Kyle and Dale previously adopted a young man in 2017 who is now twenty years old and outside the home making his way in the professional world. 

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