Law enforcement has announced that two bodies have been recovered from the Llano River.

Local, state, and federal authorities have been searching the river for four people that were swept away by floodwaters on Monday morning.

Officials say that the names of the people found won’t be released until a full autopsy has been completed.

Until then, the search and rescue mission will continue as there are still two other people that are unaccounted for.

Over 100 people from different government agencies are aiding in the search as well as volunteers that have offered their help.

“Still hoping that we find them alive,” said Steve Turner, who says that his sister, Charlotte Moye, is one of the missing. “We went out with a deputy and state trooper and they were walking with us on the river banks.”

Turner says that first responders have been very helpful, keeping him informed each step of the way.

On Thursday, crews were able to use a new form of aerial surveillance and identified areas of interest for further search.

They do not need onsite volunteers but appreciate thoughts and prayers. Powers says that anyone wishing to donate to help people affected by flooding can contact the Junction Chamber of Commerce.