SAN ANTONIO - An 80-year-old veteran was reunited with his dog Saturday, nearly two months after a rescue group refused to return the missing dog.

Lt. Col. Jim Martin, a 27-year Army veteran who served in Vietnam, was putting things away in his car when his dog Olaf ran out of the house and took off.

"He's my best friend," Martin said.

Olaf ended up at the Lone Star Westie Rescue, the same place Martin adopted the dog years ago.

According to Martin and his legal team, the rescue group "refused to return the dog because it had a medical condition."

"There was an irritation with his eye, and it's not uncommon for this type of dog," Attorney Zandra Anderson said. "The irony is Martin had taken the dog to the vet for this issue that would happen off and on, had medication for it and was treating the irritation at the time the dog went missing."

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The community rallied behind Martin to help him get his best friend back.

This week in court, a temporary injunction was granted, ordering Lone Star Westie Rescue to return Olaf to Martin.

"There were times when I didn't think this day would come," Martin said. "It's wonderful to realize there are people that would help me get my dog back."

According to a release sent to KENS 5 on Friday, this is a case that has moved the hearts of many people all over the world, including philanthropist Kym Rapier.

Rapier donated the legal fees to sue Lone Star Westie Rescue and return Olaf to his best friend and owner.