Now that the holidays are over many are making lifestyle changes including going on a diet.

But in tonight's Real Men Wear Gowns we are introduced to one man who was forced to make lifestyle changes after a triple heart bypass.

"I wasn't really taking care of myself. I didn't really care about what I was eating," Forty-year-old Sergio Martinez said.

His poor diet and lack of exercise landed him in the hospital.

He told us, "I had a heart attack, a widow maker with one hundred percent clottage, and had two stents in my heart."

After that, came a stroke, leading to a triple bypass and some major lifestyle changes.

Martinez said, "I lowered my sodium. I check my blood sugar I check my blood pressure I take my medicine on time so I'm back on track."

He is also hitting the treadmill for the first time following the surgery at University Health System's cardiac rehabilitation clinic.

"It feels a lot better. I'm breathing a lot better," said Martinez.

"Sergio came into the cardiac rehabilitation clinic a few months ago," said Clarissa Rivera, a dietician diabetes educator with University Health System/ She told us Martinez has been a model patient.

She said, "Sergio has been a big support to the other patients and those that are challenged with having this condition, but also what comes along with that these restrictions."

As a chef, Martinez has a good handle on those diet restrictions. Two of Martinez' own healthy recipes include baked chicken with field greens salad, black beans & lemon juice as dressing, and lamb chops with basmati rice & green beans.

Martinez says he made his health changes not just for himself, but for his family as well.

He said, "Your family deserves to see you happy. If you are happy, they are happy."

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