SAN ANTONIO -- As you make your summer travel plans, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is reminding travelers to be cautious of the hotel pools and hot tubs.

The CDC found that between 2000-2014, a third of cryptosporidum outbreaks was linked to hotel swimming pools and hot tubs. There were 27,219 people who got sick and 8 who died. Crypto is a parasite that's extremely difficult to kill even with water treated with disinfectants. It's spread when someone who's sick with diarrhea goes swimming. A person can get infected when they swallow the contaminated water.

The YMCA on Thousand Oaks drive said it's aware of the bacteria and parasites that can exist in pools. YMCA aquatics director Crystal Vega, said that's why they test their pools every hour and maintains the right amount of bleach.

"As long as we maintain our chemical levels at a one part per million for chlorine, that's going to make the pools safe and kill all of that bacteria and anything else that's in the water," said Vega.

The YMCA says to reduce the chance of crypto getting in the waters, you can rinse your body before getting in the pool.