According to the Hondo Police Department, law enforcement and Hondo ISD staff have been investigating a threat made on Tuesday about a possible school shooting.

While police believe that, through their investigation, the threat is not credible, the investigation is still ongoing.

Hondo PD posted details about the investigation on their Facebook page on Wednesday evening.

Police detail how on the later part of the school day on Tuesday, the district was notified of the possible threat and immediately contacted police to conduct an investigation. Police were able to narrow their investigation to an iPad in a specific class and conducted interviews with students that “spanned into the late evening hours.”

The post goes on to say that police found the threat not credible but are continuing their investigation into the matter after receiving new information about the threat.

In the comments section of the post, at least one parent complained about not being notified about the investigation. The Hondo Police Department replied:

The Hondo Police Department does not dictate what notifications are sent out from Hondo ISD. Our SRO and Investigators spent many hours investigating this matter, to include several hours of overtime. As the investigation continued late yesterday evening, we determined that the threat was not credible but took additional steps to ensure safety today and ease concerns. We also have a duty to prevent widespread panic and fear throughout the community. If at any point the threat was determined to be credible, notices would have been sent out. While we know every action will not be agreed upon by everyone, we give each situation every resource at our disposal. Investigations are still ongoing.

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