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Combat Cabin Fever: Making your house a little more livable while stuck at home

We spoke with the clutter-clearing experts at Units via Skype, who reminded us that the "stay home" order happens to coincide with spring cleaning.
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SAN ANTONIO — Many of us are stuck in our homes right now for at least another month and it's easy to get cabin fever.

San Antonio is under a "Stay Home, Work Safe" order meaning all non-essential businesses are ordered to have staff work from home. That means a lot of San Antonians are spending more time in their homes than they thought they would.

We spoke with the clutter-clearing experts at Units via Skype, who reminded us that the order happens to coincide with spring cleaning.

"Now is the perfect time to do your spring cleaning," Units spokesperson Chris Pruitt said. "Since we do have the 'stay at home' order so I would suggest starting with your closet. If you haven't worn clothes in six months, storing them away."

As for family's with kids, mountains of toys may be making your home feel more squeezed. Pruitt had some startling statistics on how many toys American children have.

"3.1 percent of the world's children live in America, but they consume 40 percent of the toys globally," said Pruitt. "Parents especially know how much toys kids have. If they haven't used toys in a while, if there is the sentimental value, you can store those toys away. There are units to store toys you know longer use but still have that sentimental value attached to them."

And of course, what do we do with all those boxes we have lying around that we haven't looked at in years? Pruitt says a common box people is have is the box of cords, but it's time to rethink that. Pruitt says to use the "six month rule".

"We all have boxes laying around of cords and miscellaneous cords, that we haven't used or seen but we think eventually down the road, we will need them. But again, if you haven't used them in the last six months, then you don't need it. If it comes down the road two years from now, and you think 'Oh, I need this cord and at one time I had it', it might be better to buy a new cord instead of one that you have storing for years and years."

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