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Kanye West fuels speculation of San Antonio-based shoe venture

The musician and designer has made it clear he's not happy with Adidas, which he's contracted with for his Yeezy line until 2026.

SAN ANTONIO — Does Kanye West want to take over San Antonio Shoemakers?

After a week of publicly airing his grievances with Adidas and saying he wants control of a shoe company, the musician and designer posted a photo of the SAS logo to his Instagram page on Monday.

West has created nearly a hundred Instagram posts in the last week, the vast majority of which take aim at Adidas and their board. He claims that the brand is releasing old shoes, naming and coloring them without his permission and stealing his designs. He asked who his first hire should be when he's the head of Adidas, and seems to have a particular dislike of Senior Vice President Daniel Cherry III. 

In an earlier post on Monday he said that he needs a shoe company, or to take over some shoe factories.

"What shoe company will give me control? I need to be the head of the board and the chief decision maker," he said. 

Hours later, he posted a picture of the SAS logo.

SAS is a privately held company based in San Antonio, with a focus on comfort, slip-resistant footwear and products for diabetics. The shoes don't look much like Kanye's Yeezy line, but you could bet that if he took control of the company there would be some changes.

Kanye's first shoe was with the streetwear brand Bape in 2007, then he worked with Louis Vuitton and Nike before partnering with Adidas in 2015.

Adidas has yet to publicly address West's messages.

San Antonio Shoemakers released this statement Tuesday:

"San Antonio Shoemakers was built on the foundation of providing hand-crafted premium shoes manufactured in our own factories in Texas. It's that commitment to high-quality products that has led to the longevity of our brand," said Nancy Richardson, CEO of San Antonio Shoemakers.

"Unique craftmanship, comfort and style, are always at the forefront of our mission to meet the evolving needs of our customers. We sincerely appreciate the interest Ye (Kanye West) has expressed towards our company and look forward to continuing the conversation around a potential collaboration."

To learn more about San Antonio Shoemakers, visit their website here.


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