It’s a $10 piece of metal and plastic that could save a life, and it’s something one state representative hopes more people will use it to keep their families safe.

The enduring concerns about gun safety and shootings following recent attacks in El Paso and Baltimore is a personal issue for State Rep. Roland Gutierrez, after a friend's child died while playing with a gun.

“It's a true story. I never mention the child's name or the family's name, but the little boy was 13 years old and he was playing a game—or what he thought to be a game," Gutierrez said. "He didn't even know the name of it: Russian roulette. They found him next to a sandwich and five unspent rounds on the counter."

When it comes to gun safety laws, Gutierrez said that just talking about it is not enough.

“How many times do we go to the movie theater and we look at our exit strategy now? Life has changed for us all. Now, when we go to Walmart, we're going to be thinking in the back of our minds: ‘What's going to happen there?’ Or H-E-B, or anywhere," he said.

Saturday at Mission Branch Library, Gutierrez handed out 100 trigger locks that he bought himself.

"It's not about taking your guns away," he said. "It's about saving lives."

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Dolores Saldana and her husband said they came out for their grandkids.

"I thought it was important to get those locks. That's what I told him, because he owns a gun," she said.

Gutierrez said although he is just one person, he will still continue to do his part.

“It's time that we do something; one voice can make a difference."

After the El Paso shooting, Gov. Greg Abbott announced the state would give more than $5 million to help law enforcement and the community recovery from the tragedy.

State leaders continue to look at ways to improve gun safety and develop strategies to combat domestic terror attacks. Gutierrez said he plans to hold more gun lock giveaways in the future and will announce them on his Facebook page.