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CASA becomes Trauma Informed Certified agency

Advocates are now trained to help children deal with removal trauma.

SAN ANTONIO — Important progress this week for CASA (Child Advocate's San Antonio) as they became the next Bexar County trauma-informed certified agency. That essentially means that CASA advocates will now be fully trained to assist children in dealing with the trauma of being removed from unhealthy home situations, moving into foster care and navigating the child welfare system. 

We spoke with CASA Programs Vice President Allison Martinez about the announcement.

"From the top down our organization is really going to start looking at everything that we do through this trauma-informed lens," she said. 

"It is going to allow to continue to serve our kids and advocates, but with more excellence," she continued. 

"It is a huge win because the kids we work with already come to us with so much trauma, and so many transitions that have already happened. Now they (kids) will have that one advocate that will be their safe person who is going to have even more skills and knowledge to be able to listen to them, relate to them and advocate for what they need."

Credit: CASA

Being trauma-informed was something that CASA really wanted to make happen, and being certified this week will allow them to serve the needs of Bexar County even more than they already are. 

"It was something that we put into our strategic plan this year, and we really focused on it," said Martinez. "It is that next step to continue to serve our children with excellence."

If you have any interest in becoming an advocate for Bexar County foster children please contact CASA for more information.

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