Early Friday morning, the lower levels of I-35 near Nogalitos was shut down due to flooding. The St. Mary's exit was also impacted.

TxDOT Spokesperson Laura Lopez said that the pump stations may not have been working correctly. She said that the problem could have been the amount of rain that fell in the area.

KENS 5 meteorologist Jared Silverman said that the rainfall early Friday morning, in the span of two hours, was more than what we've seen in the past two months.

The lower levels of I-35 and I-10 downtown have been historically prone to flooding.

"So we have our crews working on the pump stations that we do have," Lopez said. "We want to make sure that they're working properly. It is being investigated right now as to what happened this morning. Was it too much water, were the drains plugged up, was their trash debris in them?"

Since rain is still possible this weekend, Lopez said that crews are on standby and she can't stress enough the importance of safety. In terms of the city, Assistant Director of Storm Water Nefi Garza said that crews have been working non-stop since Thursday night to keep the roadways safe.

"The storm has a northeastern direction so we saw a lot of those issues there, but throughout some of the areas on the south side, and even on the west side, received quite a bit of precipitation, which caused a lot of flooding, a lot of water going over the roads, and issues with all our infrastructure," he said.