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Texas Outdoors: South Texas Trail Riders keep a rodeo tradition alive

It's as close to being a cowboy in the old west as modern day folks can get!

PETTUS, Texas — It's every little cowboys fantasy... getting up in the morning, feeding your horse, saddling up and hitting the trail! The South Texas Trail Riders have been making it happen for 61 years straight.

Every year, since 1959 hundreds of people saddle their horse, hook up their buggies or wagons, fill them with enough supplies for 8 days and hit the trail, heading for the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo.

The Pollards family now has three generations along for the ride. Former trail boss Jimmy, began taking his son Jarrod when Jarrod was just three years old. Now Jarrod is following tradition.

His 8 year old daughter Jalyn is this year's Mascot along the ride. It's a tough 8 days, but to see the big smile on her face is worth the work. She is one of several youngster on the trail this 

The riders are based out of Corpus Christi but it is not just south Texans. Almost every year there are people who come from all over the country to be a cowboy or cowgirl, if only for a week.

"We're keeping a tradition alive, that needs to be kept alive" says Liz Vesely. She joined the ride 18 years ago, because it looked like fun. "Vesely says "I didn't even own a horse at the time." 

Now she runs communications and PR for the South Texas Trail Rider. They welcome and encourage anyone who wants to come along, whether they have a horse or buggy...or not.

If you're interested in checking out the South texas Trail Riders website, just click on this link to it's website: http://www.sttr.net