Freetail Brewing Company has jumped in to help smooth out the situation between the San Antonio Spurs and Kawhi Leonard. They’re offering the Spurs superstar free beer and pizza for life if Leonard comes back and plays in San Antonio next season and beyond. The San Antonio-based craft brewery took to social media after the Spurs were eliminated in their opening round series against the Golden State Warriors.

In a tear-stained letter penned by “Freetail Bae,” the brewery pines for the days when things were normal, without speculation of strained relationships, and includes an offer to help entice Leonard to come back next year.

“This past season was really awkward, especially when rumors started circulating in the media,” said Scott Metzger, founder of Freetail Brewing Company. “It’s just been very un-Spurs-like to have this level of drama with the team, given their long history of professionalism and ability to avoid some of the things most other teams deal with regularly.”

In the past, Freetail Brewing Co. has made similar offers at key points in the career decisions of some of the Spurs’ biggest stars. “We have made offers for free beer for life to Tim and LaMarcus when they were making contract decisions. While neither of them has taken us up on the offer, we still feel like this is a gesture most Spurs fans in our position would make and can relate to.”

While Leonard is still under contract for the next year, the situation seems to have created a rift with some fans. Metzger hopes the spirit of the offer will help clear the air and bring some levity to the situation. “We felt that it was time for everyone to take a deep breath and chill out a bit,” he said.

“While he might not take us up on the offer, we just want Kawhi to know we really love our team, and that we understand what he and his teammates mean to the continued success of the Spurs,” Metzger said.