The Front Street Animal Shelter is asking for help finding a suspect who stole their fundraising gumball machine.

The shelter released video on Facebook Friday of the suspect struggling to take the large gumball machine.

On the post they named the suspect the "Gumball Bandit" and used the hashtag #SacramentosDumbestCriminals.

The video shows the suspect picking up the large machine and the top falling off, all of the gumballs spill out as he tries to shove it through small space he crawled through to get into the building. The glass container breaks the suspect doesn't seem to realize that the machine is larger than the opening as he continues to struggle to pull it through, sliding around on the spilled gumballs.

The suspect picks up about a dollar in change, before becoming frustrated and trying to break into the quarter compartment, all while not noticing the donation box full of cash feet away.

Eventually the suspect finds another door and throws the machine over a barbed wire fence as about 50 dogs bark at him.

The shelter ends the video with the suspect's picture and the words "You almost feel bad for him, until you remember that he just stole from an animal shelter."

If you know who this suspect is, call the Sacramento Police Department.

You can watch the video in its entirety (and we really, really suggest you do) below: