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Made in S.A.: Belle & Union

Couple use everyday inspirations to make their greeting cards stand out

SAN ANTONIO — With a background in Graphic Design, Meg Sutton, owner of Belle & Union, says she always knew she wanted to create.

"I wanted to be able to design something and then be able to make it, to be able to give it to someone,” Sutton said.

 She didn't know what that was until she and her husband joshua stumbled upon a letter press from the 1900s.

"I knew this was the universe telling me it's time. I didn't know anything about how to print at that point. I didn't even know if it had all its pieces and was able to print, but what I did know is that it was going home with me," Sutton said.

While Meg handled the creative side, Joshua's expertise keeps the press in working order. 

"It's a lot to take care of for sure. It's hard to keep these greased and oiled at the right places,” Sutton said.

And once the apron goes on and the ink is chose, it is time for the couple to bring the doodles to life.

"I really like coming in and seeing the look on her face. This is what she likes doing,” Joshua said. "Anything that I can do to help her realize this dream."

Each card then folded, packaged and placed in their storefront. Whether there's a birthday, new birth, wedding, or sending sympathy of love, "Bell and Union" has a card for that.

For Meg, the cards give people a small way to share big emotions and hopefully make someone’s day better.

"Just knowing that someone took the time out of their day to tell you what you mean to them or that they are thinking about you. There is nothing quite like that and I think now with technology I think we really need that. Just that actual human connection. Really, it’s those relationships that are behind what I do."

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