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Why the District Attorney says he won't reopen shooting cases of 3 black men shot by SAPD

“There’s always the potential for an elected DA to re-open a case but typically there has to be a reason to re-open those cases,” Joe Gonzales said.

SAN ANTONIO — Since Sunday, a crowd of protestors demanded the Bexar County District Attorney’s Office re-look into the shooting deaths of Charles Roundtree, and Marquise Jones. They were two black men who were shot and killed by two San Antonio police officers.

Monday Bexar County District Attorney sent a statement saying as of now he had no plans of re-opening any of the cases. He even added the name of Antronie Scott.

“There’s always the potential for an elected DA to re-open a case, but typically there has to be a reason to re-open those cases,” Gonzales said.

He said that all of the cases have been reviewed many times, but without any new information or evidence, he doesn’t think there will be any new indictments.

“How many times do you go to the well, how many times do you keep going to the grand jury? Do you go until you get an indictment after you’ve tried several times? And then there’s the issue of ethics. Is it something I should ethically engage in just because a particular grand jury doesn’t agree with me?” Gonzales said.

San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg who was a part of Sunday's crowd said, “I think we have to understand the frustrations and listen to the message of the protesting and demonstrations that’s happening not just in San Antonio but across the nation."

The mayor didn’t say whether he supported re-opening any of the cases but did say he recognizes the problems in the system that needed to be fixed.

“Our commitment as a community is to ensure that we are pursuing reforms necessary to make these cases not happen again, and that’s got to be our focus,” Mayor Nirenberg said.

As the outpouring of support for both families continues, Gonzales says he will continue looking into the cases for new evidence or information that would give them enough to be able to indict.

“You can’t do it because people are angry, you have to do it based on whether or not the fact supports that somebody broke the law,” Gonzales said.

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