SAN ANTONIO — San Antonio Police Department shut down a portion of Jones Maltsberger Rd. Friday night to investigate a call for a suspicious package at a police substation on the city's northeast side.

Just after 5 p.m. Friday afternoon, police said a man entered into the Northeast police station with a package that the man deemed to be suspicious.

"He said he did not send. It had a 'return to sender' on it. Apparently, it was mailed to Florida but for some reason, it was returned back to an address in San Antonio," SAPD Carlos Ortiz said. "As they brought it inside the north substation a white powdery substance was leaking from this package."

Ortiz said the substation was evacuated, and any officers or people who were exposed to the substance were quarantined. A Hazmat team was able to enter the building and determined the substance was a non-hazardous material.

"With what's going on recently in the United States to the Obamas, Clintons, and other staff members, for some reason, this was a package that started on the East coast and originated here in San Antonio," Ortiz said. "People inside decided to take precaution and move away from the package and call people who knew what to do with it before we got the green light and the all clear out here."

The package and material are being sent to another lab for further testing.