A deployed Army soldier defending his country couldn't protect his property early Sunday morning when burglars broke into his storage unit and wiped out his gun collection.

Kasey Gonzalez says that the thieves broke into her husband’s locker at the CubeSmart located on the north side off Loop 1604 on Sunday around 5 a.m.

She says that her husband Jonathon Gonzalez received an email after the break-in while deployed in Africa. When she arrived to check out the damage, she was shocked.

“I grabbed the briefcase that the handguns were in and it was completely empty,” said Gonzalez, who noted that the thieves stole three handguns and a rifle. “Not only are they personal collection, they are also military grade weapons, so this is what he uses to train with while he is not active duty. He has worked really hard to be able to get those for himself to protect not only himself but to protect his country.”

Gonzalez says that the thieves also took a Yeti cooler she gifted her husband for his birthday and 15 to 20 Oakley sunglasses.

“They are like $200 [pairs] of sunglasses. They are military-grade sunglasses and now he has lost all of them, and most of them are discontinued so there is no way of getting them back,” Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez added that, with a baby on the way and her husband months away from coming home, she hopes the community can help track down the weapons and bring her family some relief.

“We are just asking for help to bring these guns back to our deployed soldier,” Gonzalez said.

Based on surveillance video, Gonzalez believes that a black man and a Hispanic man in their 20’s broke into the locker.

Gonzalez is asking anyone with information to contact the San Antonio Police Department. She is offering a reward.

She said that eight storage units were broken into on Sunday.