SAN ANTONIO — For one San Antonio woman, the death of King Jay brings back memories of the death of her own four-year-old nephew Jordan Altamirano.

Jordan Altamirano was just a few months away from turning five when his life was abruptly cut short on August 20th of 2016. "I got a phone call that Jordan was in the hospital dead. They didn't know the cause of death at the time because they had told him that he just stopped breathing," said Jordan's Aunt, Lesley Altamirano.

Police say Jordan's mother's ex-boyfriend Ricardo Hernandez was babysitting the boy, and when he started to cry Hernandez pushed him in the chest and sent him flying off the couch. An autopsy revealed Jordan died from a severed aorta in his heart and a broken back. Altamirano said, "My other niece and nephew who are Jordan's siblings they were there, too."

Altamirano is in the process of adopting Jordan's brother Oscar and sister Alana. She told us, "When I first got them there was so much crying for Jordan. I want to die because I want to go with Jordan, and you have to explain to them that he's in a better place and you don't have to die to feel him."

When she first heard King Jay was missing, she immediately thought the worst. Altamirano said, "My first thought was that he is not alive he is not alive, and it is sad for me to think that way." It brought back memories of her heartache when her family lost Jordan. She added, "Why would you do that? How could you do that? You went out of your way to bury this baby instead of going to the hospital."

Authorities have yet to determine King Jay's cause of death, but Altamirano urges anyone who sees signs of abuse to speak up. "You have to be able to say something and not be afraid whether you have doubts or whether it's not true," she told us.

Altamirano says she'll be attending tonight's vigil for King to show her support
because she knows how it feels for a family to lose a child. She told us, "I love children and after what happened to Jordan I know the pain I know the feeling."