SAN ANTONIO — Music isn't just something you hear. It's something you feel.

It's why 11-year-old Abram can't sit still.

"I want to tap all the time. Most teachers always get mad at me for tapping, but I still do it anyway because I love it," he explained.

The beats in his head first materialized when he was four-years-old. While his dad, Eric Estrada, was in the other room, Abram composed his first melody.

"I just hear a couple of taps on my piano, and was like 'hmm,' because no one messes with my stuff," explained Estrada. "I'm like what just happened - I'm like 'Woah!'"

"That moment sparked something in all of us, even Abram,'" said his mother, Cynthia De la Pena. "We nurtured that."

Piano lessons taught Abram proper technique, while famous musicals like Cats and Phantom of the Opera inspired him. 

While he got his start on the piano, Abram's instrument of choice today is something a little more techno. Abram, or DJ Axe6 as he's known on stage, is San Antonio's youngest professional DJ.

His beats have helped him create his own music, fuzed with songs you've probably heard on the radio. He plays for people he knows at family parties, along with fans he's never met on big stages.

"My first performance live was when I went to the Majestic to play for 'Chalk It Up,'" he said. "I will never forget how nervous I was."

From that first performance, DJ Axe6 has continued to bring beats. Those who have seen him live at events like Luminaria or pop-up shops in Alamo Heights say his sets are much more than a series of songs strung together.

"He makes it a production. It's a show. He likes to engage with the audience and connect with people," explained De la Pena.

It's that connection that ensures this isn't just his platform - it's a platform for others.

"I'm doing what I love, and other people are learning that they can do what they want to do too," he said. "And that's the best part."