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Pack of 7 dogs captured after mauling 71-year-old man to death south of Houston

A 71-year-old man in Fresno was killed by a pack of dogs on Monday, according to the Fort Bend County sheriff. The 7 dogs believed to be responsible were captured.

FRESNO, Texas — Residents in Fresno are relieved after the last three dogs involved in a deadly attack were captured Tuesday afternoon.

The dogs were spotted around 1:30 p.m. and caught by animal control officers. There are seven dogs now in quarantine.

Deadly attack

They were part of a pack of mixed-breed dogs that attacked 71-year-old Fredy Garcia while he was walking to the store on Monday, according to his brother. Authorities said Garcia didn't provoke the animals and didn't have anything in his hands when the dogs attacked him.

He was flown to Memorial Hermann Hospital but he didn't survive.

Four other dogs were captured after that fatal mauling in the 4300 block of Mark Terrace.

"I can’t even believe. I cannot," Jorge Garcia, Fredy Garcia's brother, said. "He never messed with nobody. He never bothered nobody. I would like to say, this is the last time this kind of situation happens. I don’t want nobody else to suffer like I am."

Earlier Tuesday, Fort Bend County Sheriff Eric Fagan warned residents to be on high alert.

Fagan said there was another dog attack in the area on July 15 but deputies and animal control weren't able to find the dogs at that time. Investigators said they do believe the same pack of dogs is responsible for both attacks.

Investigators said they think the dogs belong to one person.

"So, my office is working very diligently to make sure those who are responsible for this are held accountable," Fort Bend County District Attorney Brian Middleton said.

Credit: KHOU 11
Three dogs are still on the loose after a 71-year-old Fresno man was fatally attacked Monday. If you see them, call the FBCSO.

Middleton said if someone owns the dogs that killed the man, they could face criminal charges.

"If you have a dangerous dog, it is your responsibility to keep that dog secured to keep members of our community safe," Middleton said. "If you fail to do that, you will be held accountable."

He cited Lillian's Law which was passed by the Texas legislature in 2007. It is named after 76-year-old Lillian Stiles who was killed by a pack of dogs while mowing her lawn.

If convicted, the felony can lead to a 20-year prison sentence.

Dogs attacking chickens

About a mile from the site of the deadly attack on Fredy Garcia, Fresno resident Adolf Flores said the same aggressive loose dogs have made him into a prisoner at his own home.

“This is serious,” Flores said. “I’ve had to put a gate ... fences all around my property.”

Flores said he called animal control five times about the aggressive dogs getting onto his property.

After they killed his nephew’s roosters, he said he told officers he was going to shoot the next dogs he caught.

“When we came the next morning, all of (the chickens) were dead,” Flores said. “All of them were dead.”

Flores shot and killed three of the dogs when he caught them killing his chickens. He wishes something had been done about the dogs before now.

“It took somebody dying for them to do anything about it,” Flores said.

KHOU 11 contacted Fort Bend County Animal Control Services Tuesday afternoon but was not able to get anyone on the phone.

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