SAN ANTONIO — The William J. Brennan High School cheerleaders are the newest winners of the National Cheerleaders Association cheer nationals in the novice division.
Trinity Wilson is the co-captain of the team.

"We've been working for this since March and the team has come together," Wilson said. "We faced a lot of obstacles, but as a team and with our amazing coach, we've always overcome them and in the end we came out national champions."

It's a three-peat for Wilson, but this year her wins go beyond the school yard.
"I'll be leaving in about two weeks after graduation to go to Colorado to start Air Force Academy this year."

Congressman Will Hurd nominated the Brennan senior for the appointment to the Air Force Academy.

In a statement to KENS 5, Hurd said Wilson has proven to be a leader through making the honor roll while leading the cheer team, performing in musicals and organizing a youth group.

Hurd said he is honored to represent such bright stars like Wilson.
She is following the footsteps of many of her family members who have served, but Wilson stands out because she is the first woman in her entire family to go to the academy.

"There's so many things and the stereotypes that are being broken," Wilson said. "You're seeing that even more nowadays in society. Im really glad that's something that's starting to grow."