SAN ANTONIO — Inside Alamo Kitchens, the chocolate is flowing.  

"You can carve it, you can mold it, you can polish it, you can make it look like marble if you want and it's all made by chocolate and held together by chocolate," owner Charity Teague said. 

Chocolate has been Charity Teague's passion since culinary school. 

Charity Teague Confections

Ten years later, chocolate is more than just her business. 

"This is the love of my life, it's the thing that I love the most," Teague said. "And I'm so enjoying watching the roots grow and showing people here in San Antonio what I can do." 

Her hand-painted bonbons never lack color which makes them stand out to customers. 

Hand painted chocolates by Chairty Teague Confections

"It's so therapeutic and it's almost like if you were to take a painting class, or a watercolor class, and that sort of sense of calm that it gives you is the same sense of calm that I get when I get to paint chocolate," Teague said. 

Now dipping into chocolate bars, breakable Santas or chocolate covered fruits. 

Charity Teague Confections

Anything your heart may desire is what Teague says fills hers. 

And she hopes others can find their "sweet spot" as well. 

"If it does nothing else than scratch that itch than it's done its job," Teague said. "Anything on top of that, any other growth or business pursuits on top of that, is just the cherry on top of the Sunday."