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KENS 5 TV Main Switchboard

(210) 366-5000

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  • If you see breaking news, call the newsroom: (210) 366-2002
  • If you have a digital picture of breaking news, e-mail it using the form below
  • If you have a story idea or news release, e-mail it using the form below or fax (210) 366-2716

Ask us a question

  • If you want to find a specific video clip, use the site search. Not all clips from on-air shows appear on Kens5.com. Personal copies of KENS 5 News shows and segments can be purchased through AirCheck TV News Taping by calling (210) 342-5900.
  • For other questions, fill out the form below.

Also, for questions about Closed Captioning, e-mail us with the form below, call (210) 366-5000, fax (210) 377-8790, or contact:

Frank Peterman
Director of Technology, KENS-TV
5400 Fredericksburg Road
San Antonio, TX 78229
Attn: Closed Captioning