SAN ANTONIO — The predictions are in for the upcoming hurricane seasons, so let's start by going over our averages. 

If we narrow it down to one number, we typically see 12 named storms over the course of a year. Of those, six become hurricanes, and three of those are strong enough to be labeled major hurricanes at Category Three or stronger. 

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA, is anticipating nine to 15 named storms, meaning we can expect two to four major hurricanes. That figure is right on target for this season being very close to normal. 

But that's just one prediction. Colorado State, one of the highest-regarded hurricane forecasters, is expecting 13 named storms – one more than NOAA – but the number of expected hurricanes and major hurricanes will be slightly below average. So, according to Colorado State, it'll be a slightly abnormal season with fewer major storms. 

Below is the list of names scientists have assigned to this year's upcoming storms, with Andrea already accounted for. Hopefully, we won't get too far into the alphabet. 

2019 wx storm names