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The Morning After: South Texas gets pounded by severe weather

As severe storms made their way through South Texas Wednesday night into Thursday morning, KENS 5 viewers took out their phones and started recording.

SAN ANTONIO — Severe storms moved through the Hill County and San Antonio metro Wednesday night into Thursday morning. 

Credit: Juan Villareal
This picture was captured around 9:30 p.m. Wednesday in the Village in the Woods neighborhood between Helotes and LeonValley.

Thanks to our KENS 5 viewers we received an influx of real-time photos and videos of hail, strong winds, heavy rain, and lightning. 

Credit: Dawn Naville
Dawn Naville captured these awesome lightning photos from last night's storm.

This morning, we took a closer look at the effects of that severe weather throughout the viewing area with team coverage on KENS5 and here at KENS5.com 

We saw several trees get brought down in Kerrville as Erica Zucco shows us (this tree landed in the middle of a Wendy's drive-thru!):

Meanwhile, trees were also knocked down in the Alamo Heights area, where reporter Henry Ramos was: 

In addition to the heavy rain, thunder, and hail, we had quite the lightning show: 

Digital Journalist Megan Ball, rolls through some viewer-submitted photos of hail: 

And of course, Meteorologists Andrew Wilson and Meagan Massey were keeping viewers up-to-date online: 

While KENS 5 Weather Chief Bill Taylor led the team on-air:

As for what you can expect today? There is a potential for more severe weather this evening, Morning Meteorologist Paul Mireles provides the latest: 

Want to share your photos and videos with us next time there's severe weather? Send your photos and videos one of several ways: Facebook, Twitter, Email, or through the KENS 5 app.  

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