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Clean-up begins after flash floods cause massive damage to northwest side homes

For one family, it's the second time their home has flooded since they've lived there.

SAN ANTONIO — Heavy rains moved through San Antonio Tuesday causing flash floods in many areas including one northside neighborhood.

Darrol Hicks said the the rain moved in fast, and not even an hour later, water started rushing into his home off Dhaka View Lane near Leon Creek.

“The water was all through the house,” said Hicks. “I looked out the window and the car was actually floating in the air in the water.”

Hicks said he had at least two feet of water in his home.

“The water was rushing so fast and furious, it looked like it was a waterfall going down the street,” said Hicks.

Next door to Hicks, Juan and JoAnna Felan’s house also took in a few feet of water.

“It took maybe 30 to 45 minutes for the house to completely fill up, it rose quickly,” said Juan.

Both homes back up to the creek, and Juan said it’s the second time his house has flooded in the ten years he’s lived there.

He said last time his home flooded it caused at least $40,000 worth of damage, and he said this time it’s going to be much worse.

“We lost furniture. I got about $5,000 worth of tools in there, all gone,” said Juan.

Around 11 a.m. this morning, San Antonio Fire Department got a call for help off Dhaka View Drive,  a disabled man was trapped in his home while the flood waters were rising.

SAFD rescue crews couldn’t get through the flooded streets in the neighborhood and had to launch a raft to check on the man.

Officials told us other people called because they were trapped on the second floor of their home.

SAFD officials said all the residents were safe, and now for those who’s homes were damaged by floodwaters are starting to clean-up the water and debris left behind.

“It hurts man, that’s all we can do,” said Felan.  “I just hope the insurance takes cares of us.”

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