The cold weather and icy roads this week kept many home from work and school. But not all bosses were understanding of the circumstances.

Some still insisted on their employees driving to work despite the dangerous conditions in which public officials urged people to not travel and stay home.

One man reached out to the Seguin Police Department for help and the police obliged on a Facebook post.

A man named Justin Garcia asked SPD, “Can y’all write me a note for work?”

Here’s how the Seguin Police Department’s Facebook page responded:

Seguin note_1516240079952.jpg.jpg

“Dear Justin’s Boss, The roads are bad and are going to get worse. Much worse. Please let him stay home, warm and safe and enjoy some Hulu or some cool shows on Netflix. And, he needs a raise. He rocks. Respectfully – Deputy Chief B. Ure”

They really went above and beyond. The next time you want a recommendation for a raise from your boss, hit up SPD!

Here’s the original Facebook post: