In the early morning hours of Monday, the temperature in San Antonio dropped to 26 degrees, the lowest recorded number of the year.

Wind chills Monday were also in the teens.

The temperature on Sunday got down to 29 degrees.

According to the National Weather Service, Monday morning was the coldest in the month of December since Dec. 5, 2009 in San Antonio.

It will feel even colder as we won't see relief from that arctic blast until Tuesday at the earliest. Wind chill is knocking temperatures down all the way into the teens.

A light freeze is also expected on Tuesday, but from there, we'll warm up.

Clouds are mixing in throughout the San Antonio area, but no precipitation, so no worries of icing. Also, the wind chill factor is going to diminish starting Sunday night and into Monday morning.

The high on Monday is not expected to exceed the low 40s, but Tuesday's high will be in the low 50s with Wednesday's high bringing some relief. We should get all the way up to the low 60s.