As the long road to recovery continues after Hurricane Harvey, one group is combining their love of basketball with giving.

Youth basketball teams across San Antonio came together to face off on the court. However, with images of devastation from Harvey still etched in people's minds, there was a bigger goal at play than just winning.

“We really wanted to be involved but a lot of us didn’t have the time to go out and be hands-on. We try to raise money how we can but most of us, we love sports and we love basketball, so we wanted to be involved for Texas and everyone. And now you have Florida as well,” National Youth Sports Director Paul Tibbetts said.

The Hoops for Harvey basketball tournament gave teams an outlet to combine their love of the game and giving at the same time.

For Raptors Coach Joseph Klappenger, this was a teachable moment both on and off the court.

"One of the things I teach them is courtesy, discipline respect, and also how to give back to the community as well. That's the important thing, we try to teach them how to help other people who are in need," Coach Klappenger said.

Although most of the kids on his team are only 10 years old, they know there's more taking place on the court than just the points on the scoreboard.

"I feel like all the people that are doing it really care for all of the people in the hurricane," player Josiah Klappenger said.

"They know the purpose of what this is serving. And they know where all the proceeds are going to, so it's very important for them," Coach Klappenger said.

Despite battling it out on the court, the kids still know that they were working for one team.

"We are Texas strong. We are one family, under one nation, under God. We help everyone in time of need. We are all about it," Coach Klappenger said.

In addition to the money raised by the teams taking part, both gyms were donated by the National Youth Sports League and all the food sold at the tournament was donated by HEB and Walmart.

By tournament’s end, organizers for Hoops for Harvey expect to have raised over $5,000 for the Harvey Relief Fund.