A huge operation and massive rescue efforts are staged at Bexar County Grounds. Lots behind the Freeman Coliseum are housing thousands of first responders from across the country. There are about 100 trucks on those lots headed to the coast.

Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff said that they are staged and ready to respond to affected areas.

“They’re loaded up with meals, ready to eat, and medical supplies,” Judge Wolff said.

The state brought in first responders came from across the U.S. to help with rescue and recovery from Harvey.

“We’ve got probably about 1,000 or so first responders that we house here at the Bexar County grounds. We feed them, house them, they have a place to take a shower and everything,” Judge Wolff noted.

KENS 5 spoke with two EMS responders from as far as Las Vegas and South Carolina.

“It’s was a 23-hour drive. We’re in staging now, just whatever they need us to do," one first responder said. "We’re just grateful to be here and assist everybody."

On Sunday, Fire Chief Charles Hood said that San Antonio crews have already been deployed to Houston, including EMS personnel, ambulances, dozens of firefighters, and boat and helicopter teams.

“Those teams are going to have to have to do a hasty search of roofs, going to have to do a secondary search of attics, and the search is going to be a long, drawn-out rescue effort because you have task forces that can’t get in because of the weather,” he said.

Task forces from Missouri, Ohio, Nebraska, and other states are also responding. Chief Hood said that this is a bigger rescue effort than Katrina because the rain is continuously falling.