More than 1,200 foster care children were evacuated from 24 residential centers in the hardest hit areas by Hurricane Harvey. Right now, they're in backup shelters and churches but the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services says that they are figuring out what to do next if those centers are destroyed.

"I think it's trauma for them. It's additional trauma, but sadly these kids are used to being displaced," said Renee Garvens with Roy Maas Alternatives. "But they're pretty amazingly resilient in their ability to just grab their stuff and walk away from one home to the next."

The Roy Maas Alternatives has prepared to take in as many as 100 of the 1,200 displaced kids in their existing shelter and an additional facility in Boerne.

"The kids that we serve have already been through very traumatic experiences," said Bill Wilkinson with Roy Maas Alternatives. "Not only have they often lost the loved ones in their lives, they've also lost a lot of their personal things. So when something like Harvey happens, they're re-traumatized in ways that are very unfamiliar to them."

Roy Maas says that they'll have counselors on hand to help kids deal with the new trauma.