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DFW woke up to a mess on the roads Friday. Here's what we're seeing

We're tracking the latest road conditions we're seeing in North Texas.

DALLAS — While temperatures rose above freezing on Thursday, they dipped colder again Thursday night, causing ice across to freeze roadways across North Texas when drivers woke up Friday morning.

In fact, the conditions were bad enough for the Dallas Independent School District to reverse course and cancel classes for a fourth day in a row.

Get the latest North Texas forecast and timeline.

We're tracking the latest road conditions across North Texas. Here's what we're seeing out on the roads:

North Texas Road Conditions

Friday updates:

Thursday updates:

8:30 a.m. weather forecast update: 

6:45 a.m. weather forecast update: 


10 p.m. update:

3 p.m. weather forecast update:

12:40 p.m. weather forecast update:

11:45 a.m. weather forecast update:

9:45 a.m. weather forecast update: 

8:45 a.m. weather forecast update:

8 a.m. weather forecast update: 

Wednesday morning saw more issues on the roads:

Tuesday updates

Nearly a dozen Jeeps from an off-road club have arrived on I-20 to help pull stuck 18-wheelers: 

WFAA's Sydney Persing caught a group of SUVs and trucks in action, towing 18-wheelers out of trouble.

WFAA's William Joy captures a pickup truck helping pull an 18-wheeler on I-20: 

Denton County's transit service is suspending its Connect Bus service for the rest of the day, per WFAA's Tashara Parker.

Tractor trailers are having issues traversing the incline on I-20 at Spur 408 in Duncanville.

Afternoon weather timeline from the WFAA weather team: 

WFAA's Adriana De Alba is reporting from I-35E near the split: 

Downtown Dallas is looking pretty quiet.

WFAA reporter William Joy is out reporting the latest updates on road conditions this afternoon: 

Tuesday morning updates:

Crews are treating the roads with sand in DFW: 

11:30 a.m. weather forecast update from WFAA Meteorologist Mariel Ruiz: 

Here is a look at southbound lanes of I-35W near the hospital district in Fort Worth from WFAA photojournalist Mike Forbes: 

WFAA's Mariel Ruiz gives a Tuesday weather timeline: 

Oncor tells WFAA about 1,000 of its customers are without power.

WFAA's Scoop Jefferson is reporting that traffic is light but the roads are iced over. Be safe out there, everyone!

9 a.m. weather update from WFAA meteorologist Mariel Ruiz: 

Parts of I-35W in Denton are shut down due to a jackknifed 18-wheeler: 

It doesn't take long for road conditions to change drastically. Look at this 30-minute difference from WFAA's Sean Giggy: 

WFAA's Tashara Parker reporting several trouble spots on roads in DFW:

-Loop 12 northbound at Singleton Boulevard

-Eastbound I-30 at I-45 southbound ramp is iced over. All lanes are blocked.

-Westbound I-20 at I-35E northbound ramp

Here's the 8:35 a.m. weather update: 

We're hearing thundersleet in Fort Worth! 

Despite generally light traffic, we are still seeing crashes in DFW this morning. This is the scene of a crash at State Highway 114 westbound at Northwest Highway.

Be sure to download the WFAA app for your weather forecasts and latest news: 

Here is a look at downtown Dallas from WFAA's Cleo Greene: 

Traffic update: US 75 traffic in McKinney at Weston Road is down to one lane due to a crash.

Here's the 7:45 a.m. weather update from WFAA meteorologist Mariel Ruiz: 

We're seeing frozen rain and sleet at the Fort Worth Stock Show: 

WFAA meteorologist Mariel Ruiz gives a 7 a.m. weather update: 

The roads in North Texas have been generally clear Tuesday morning, WFAA's Sean Giggy showed: 

WFAA's Tashara Parker spoke with a North Texas Tollway Authority official about the possibility of sub-freezing toll roads:

WFAA's Megan Mitchell was up early in Fort Worth with a look at the road conditions there:

How long will the freezing temperatures last? WFAA meteorologist Mariel Ruiz explained what we're expecting over the next several days, including when temperatures could possibly rise above freezing.

Live Radar and Road Conditions 

We're tracking the latest North Texas radar, forecast and road conditions with a live stream here:


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